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Season 6 Ends With a Bang

Well, season 6 is over and what can I say. The season started a bit slow but ended on an exciting and unexpected note. Deborah knows what Dexter really is. So where does that take us? Lets analyze a few scenarios.

1) She turns Dexter in and Dexter goes to jail. Dexter is incarcerated and somehow the show continues while he is in jail plotting his moves.

Why this won’t work: Dexter has always been free to make his moves in a sly and strategic manner. Being in jail would throw the whole premise of the show in the garbage and a whole knew persona would have to be thought up by the writing crew. This would make no sense as the current Dexter is wildly popular.

2. Deborah joins in on Dexter killing ways. Dexter and Deborah join forces and become the ultimate brother, sister tandem, killing all that stand in their way. Two heads are better then one, they can team up to research their victims better.

Why this won’t work: The creators and writers for Dexter have tried the sidekick idea a few times now and none have stuck full time. Dexter is a lone ranger. He gets thing done on his own time and with his set of self imposed rules. Adding Deborah in with a personality like she has it would be sure to fail.

3. Deborah is okay with what Dexter is doing and allows him to continue. Dexter tells Deb about their fathers “code” and how all the time spent with their father while the two were young were because of his teachings. She agrees to keep it a secret as she has shown a soft spot in the past for such killings.

Why this is the likely scenario: Deb will agree with her father. If she knows he was okay with this she is more likely to be okay with it as well. Deborah as stated above has shown she is somewhat okay with killing the killers that slip through the cracks as was demonstrated at the end of season 5 with Lumen and Dexter.

Please feel free to comment with your take. :)

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Season 8 May be Dexter’s Last

Recently Showtime president David Nevins told Entertainment Weekly that while this could change, “everybody is operating under [the] assumption” that seasons 7 and 8 will constitute the end of “Dexter.”

Big news but not all that surprising. A show like Dexter definitely has a shelf life as ideas run dry and inevitably the law will move in. Dexter being jailed may be a good angle for the show but given Dex’s past he should see that coming a mile away. More likely Dexter will disappear from Miami and turn up somewhere else to do his work.

Nevins went on to say: “There’s things that are going to happen [this season] that will set up a very clear endgame that will take two seasons to tell,” Nevins told EW on Thursday. “Coming back for two more years gives us clarity about how and when it will go out,” the TV exec explained.

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One Week Left in Season 6

This is it, there is one episode left! There are still many questions to be answered. Miami metro avoided wormwood but will Travis be able to pull off something big in the finale..

Looking at past seasons characters have a tendency to disappear on the last episode. Doaks, Lumen, Ice truck and now imminently, Travis. But will anyone else be pushed off the show? Laguerta has proven to be a main antagonist over the years and is not likely to go anywhere. I think a more likely scenario would have all of the main characters staying but something that made Dexter so good in the past is that you have to expect the unexpected.

Season 6 comes to an end and one thing is for sure. Dexter will defeat Travis and move onto season 7, but how will it go down?

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Dexter Renewed for a 7th and 8th Season

Better late than never. I apologise for not announcing this earlier but Dexter has been renewed for a 7th and 8th season. I have been out of town and unable to post.

What direction will the show take in season 7? Season 6 has progressed slowly but has gotten much better in the recent episodes.

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Episode 9 “Get Gellar”

Well, well, well. It took nine episodes but I am finally seeing that style of writing that made me fall in love with Dexter in season 1. Gellar, who we thought was guiding Travis along in the season has actually proven to be dead. Likely at the hands of Travis. Making this a major plot twist with 3 episodes still remaining in the season. What will happen from here?

Well, one angle is Dexter is held prisoner until the finale. We all know Dexter can’t die, but who could die trying to save him? That’s yet to be seen as its most likely not going to be Debrah or Batista. More likely target? Quinn.. I have a feeling Quinn is gone.

Also brewing this week is the cover up of the murdered call girl. Laguerta failed to keep the cover up in tact and now her and the chief may be in big trouble over this hooker. The chief it appears was having relations with her at the time of her death.

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Dexter Episode 4 Recap

Dexter has now found out just who the dooms day tandem is. He decided however to let Travis go after finding out that he never actually killed any of the victims. He just assisted in setting them up to be killed. In the past wouldn’t this be enough to actually kill the person for Dexter? Is he getting soft or is he just getting more serious with his practice? Most likely its the latter and he will continue to run this showing no emotion which he did at some points show last season. (AKA the bathroom scene where he beat a man to death).

Stay tuned next week. Should be a real good one.

(It’s come to my attention that this story was added but not published, apologies)

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Dexter Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

This episode began to lay the real foundation for the season. Travis Marshall and Professor Gellar are working together to wreak havoc on the Miami Dade area. They are snatching people up and then demanding their repentance.

Dexter meanwhile was side tracked this episode by “the tooth fairy” killer. A killer that he was infatuated with since he was a young boy. Dexter caught on to the opposing serial killer when he saw that there was a failed attempt at pulling the incisor from the body of a local prostitute. Dexter immediately thought back to his old friend from years before and quickly put 2 and 2 together on his age and relative living quarters. Dex checked a local nursing home for clues and quickly eliminated multiple people. He knew where the killer previously lived and decided on one suspect. As usual he was right.

Bye bye tooth fairy killer. Who’s next?

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A New Lieutenant and a New Friend?

Lieutenant Morgan. Deborah was chosen over Batista in what may have been a muscle flex. But now that Morgan is the Lt. moving forward how will this change the dynamic of the show? Dexter is sure to be happy with it as he may have a little more leniency with his extracurricular dealings.

What happens to Morgan and Quinn now? Is it over? I think it should be. That angle was played last season and would allow to get hot on Dexter’s heals again. The season may need a renewal of Dexter vs. Quinn and that may be in the cards in the coming weeks.

Is brother Sam Dexter’s new Miguel? It seems like the two quickly bonded last episode in a way that Dexter has on a few previous occasions. The bad news for Brother Sam? Most of Dexter’s acquaintances die before long..

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Ramblings After the Big Premiere

Dexter is back! The first episode began to highlight the tandem of killers (Olmos and Hanks) who look to play a significant part of this season. There wasn’t many details let on thus far other then the fact that they have an infatuation with religion and snakes.

Dexter’s new nanny (Aimee Garcia) is fully integrated into the television show as Angel Batista has moved next door to Dexter in his apartment complex. This is sure to prove a hindrance to Dexter as many of his killings are disposed of late at night. How long before Angel or his sister catch on to his late night habits? There already has been mention of his late night boat rides.

So now after what appears to be an elaborate extortion plan, Laguerta is captain and Batista is now Lieutenant? How long will this last and could it lead to the end of Laguerta on the show?

Speaking of Laguerta and Batista, as fast as they married they divorced. This may be the angle they are taking to write Laguerta off the show. More to come.

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